The covid -19 pandemic has resulted in the closure of educational institutions across the country. Since the traditional classroom learning can be unsafe for the teachers and students, we have come up with a quick fix of seeking assistance through online learning platforms. These are the tough times, not only for the students but also for people all over the world. The struggle is real mentally and economically, however when it comes to students, they are attempting to understand the reality of accepting the new normal of not being able to go out, not getting to meet their friends and to cope with the changed routine.

At the same time, it is imperative for the institution to address the educational needs of the students. In SANA INTERNATIONAL school, we are determined to transcend beyond the classroom learning to e-learning platforms. When the technology is employed in the right manner, the advantages of online learning know no bound. In SIS we are making sure that the teachers are familiarized with utilizing the digital platforms to teach and monitor the student’s academic performance.

 we are now proudly delivering quality education through the medium of technology to all of our students. Some of the digital platforms which have been employed by our institution are zoom/Google Meet for video communication between the students and the teachers, Google classroom for sharing of information’s, worksheets/assignments and feedback with the students and lively virtual tools like quizzes/ videos for better understand of the concepts.